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Welcome to wonder blooms!

Gather ideas to spark wonder, creativity, and curiosity in your classroom and home.

Hello all and welcome to the wonder blooms blog! I'm so excited to finally have this started (and I'm

sure my hubby will appreciate not hearing me worry about the first post)! To save you time, if you want to know more about me, head over to "The Basics" tab. In summary, I've worked in formal and informal education with kiddos from ages birth through nineteen and with new teachers for over a decade. I'm passionate about public education. I'm a new mom which is solidifying my beliefs about teaching and learning :). I value free access to high quality materials that can enhance family time and provide rich opportunities for powerful teaching and learning - so that's what I'm hoping to provide here! My goal is that you can use these posts to help wonder bloom in your home and classroom.

Types of blog posts you can expect:

  • Snap it! Science: Ideas for fun, hands-on science activities for you to try in your classroom (if it aligns with your standards and age range!) or at home.

  • A Month in Moments: A calendar of activities to span a month - they'll range from arts and crafts to discussion starters to books to read to science tasks and more. These can be done at breakfast or dinner with family or pick and choose relevant ones for a classroom brain breaks.

  • Self-Care Series: I have run half marathons and backpacked for 28 days. I've taught yoga for all ages, birth through seniors, and guided teens through their first attempts at meditation (using chocolate chips). I used to read 126 student notebooks a night. I journal and collect notes from students and teachers I work with in a file folder. All that to say that I have pushed myself hard, sometimes (often) too hard, and am constantly learning and remembering that self-care is not selfish, a fact I think parents and teachers are particularly apt at forgetting. The self-care series will give you ideas for fun ways to stay active, mindful, and present. When we serve ourselves, we can better serve others.

  • Other topics you will likely see: reading with young humans, reading with not-as-young humans, getting outside, making messes, parenting fearlessly(ish), planning family day-dates, etc.

In the future, I hope to one day get into the subscription box business (maybe), but again, I'm too much of a sucker for providing things for free - my brain doesn't work in business scheming, so we'll see :).

Want to join the conversation? Looking for a certain kind of resource? Comment below!

Stay tuned for the next wonder blooms blogpost called "One Drop of Paint" to find some hacks for painting with a 7 month old (or younger or older!).

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