Family Life Coaching Services

If you find yourself doubting how you spend your time together as a family, if you are struggling to find joy in each day together, if you find establishing routines that stick to be difficult, please join me for virtual family life coaching!

As a family life coach, I strive to empower all families to create meaningful moments of joy, play, and learning. Through an array of coaching packages at different price tiers you'll find options for parent/caregiver coaching as well as workshop options for the whole family.

Why Coaching and Why Do I Coach?

In my former work as a classroom teacher, I learned just how capable EVERY SINGLE student is - and I believe this to be true about all people. Children and their adults are infinitely capable... and we need a village to support us. Rooted in positive psychology, coaching is a field that takes a strength-based approach to working with clients VERY seriously. 


As a family educator, I started having more and more conversations with parents and caregivers about things like child development, adult mental health struggles, adult relationships, parent-child relationships, etc. Coaching enables me to leverage content and skills from my Master's in Education in Learning Sciences (the science of how we learn and how we can best teach), the practical experiences I gained from teaching, coaching teachers, and working with families, and the mindfulness and wellness practices I use as a yoga teacher to holistically empower all families to #watchwonderbloom.

What to Expect: 

1) Head over to the Shop tab and schedule a free consultation ("Greetings and Goals") so we can get to know each other!

2) Purchase a coaching package that works! 

3) Fill out intake forms to help me get to know you and to help YOU get to know me :). 

4) We'll schedule a meeting time that works for you! I find Google Meet to be the best platform, but there are plenty of options (Doxy.Me if you want something very secure is an option). 

5) In each session, we'll establish goals for our time, discuss barriers and possible solutions to empower you meet your goals, and end with an action step to try before our next session. I'm an educator and yoga teacher at heart, so when desired, I can share skills and we can practice simple mindfulness strategies that increase well-being.  

6) When you are ready, we will terminate our coaching relationship. I am always available for a check-in/refresh later!

My Pillars For Coaching:

​In college, I had the unique opportunity to go on a North Carolina Outward Bound School 28-day backpacking, climbing, canoeing, and service expedition. On this course, I learned about intentional living, creating brave spaces, embracing challenge by choice, and fell in love with Outward Bound's emphasis on knowing the values that hold you up. So, here are the values upon which my coaching practice is built:  

  • Caring: In sessions with me, you will gain skills for practicing self- and family-care. I will strive to be part of your community of care. I also will continue to do what I can to work for improved care for all people on structural and systemic levels (I'm hoping to see coaching covered by insurance in the not-to-distance future!). If the care a client needs is beyond my skill set, I refer clients to highly skilled professional counselors, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. It takes a village :). 

  • Quality: I am committed to life-long learning as a coach, educator, parent, yoga teacher, etc. Our coaching sessions will be enriched by the use of creative best practices and developmentally appropriate tools and suggestions for the kiddos in your life. Additionally, I empower parents and caregivers to celebrate quality time together rather than stress about the quantity of time we have together. So often, I see parents and caregivers rush play, communication, discipline, etc with each other and the children in their lives. I call parents and caregivers to step gratefully, joyfully, and calmly into each wonder-filled moment we have together. 

  • Empowerment: Watching my little one grow has made it so clear to me that all of us are infinitely capable when we have the security and support to explore. I empower clients to live their best lives through skill-building, goal-setting, visioning, and more. Equity is key for the success of all clients, and I am building collaborations with coaches who are BIPoC to do my part to contribute to wealth redistribution and to ensure that all prospective clients can find the best coach for their family! Part of caring is also striving to be an anti-racist, anti-biased, culturally responsive coach and human and I am invested in this work. 

  • Wellness: We are more likely to set the goals that really matter to us and meet them when we are well. Wellness involves so much more than our physical body. I help clients assess and make time for all parts of wellness, whether spiritual, occupational, physical, etc. Weaving moments of mindfulness into our days is a wonderful way to improve overall wellness and to help children learn self-regulation. Get ready for some awesome wellness goal-setting and resourcing in coaching sessions with me!  

Join me today for family life coaching!

 ~Mallory Foster, MEd, RYT-200, BCC

Free Consultation: Greetings, Goals, and Decisions

Worried as we face uncertain work and school situations this fall? Need some quick tips to balance work, life, social distancing, and play? Want to get to know me before investing in a coaching package? Schedule a FREE Greetings, Goals, and Decisions session!

  • Share what is working well and what is a struggle

  • Set and begin to tackle goals to grow what works or to address struggles

  • Ask questions about coaching packages

FREE One Hour Consultation + Email Notes

Coaching Basics:

Get Set for Great Days

Feeling overwhelmed juggling work, play, learning, etc? Need help planning a meaningful month or creating a daily routine that fosters working and learning at home together? Looking for something short-term and cost effective? This package might be a great fit for you! I personalize all coaching packages after talking to clients. Here are some features this package might include:

  • A session to plan a daily schedule and another to build mindful habits into family life

  • A week learning notebook and plan for the kiddos in your life

  • And more!

$350 for Two 1-Hour Sessions and text support

Coaching beyond the Basics:

Enriched Days

Looking to dig in to creating your ideal calm, creative, and adventurous family life? Facing virtual learning and work-from-home changes? Looking for ongoing support for a short-term goal? I'm here to coach you through it! I personalize all coaching packages after talking to clients. Here are some features this package might include:

  • Three coaching calls a month for two months

  • Tools tailored to your goals like full units of content for kiddos, a private yoga class, etc

$1000 for Six 1-hour Sessions and Eight Weeks of Text Support, 4 months of Community Membership

Coaching All-Inclusive:

Wonder-filled Families

Hoping for support on a longer-term family goal? Struggling with virtual learning or building your own curriculum? Love building your village? This package is for you! I personalize all coaching packages after talking to clients. Here are some features this package might include:

  • Three coaching calls a month for 4 months

  • Tools tailored to your family's needs like family workshops on mindfulness and yoga, unit plans based on your kiddos' interests, etc

$1800 for Twelve 1-hour Sessions, 16 Weeks of Text Support, Free Year of Community Access, and More!

Family Life Webinars: 

Never Stop


Join me for monthly webinars on an array of topics! We'll chat, brainstorm, and plan hw to apply these ideas in our own homes! Topics may include: 

  • Play and Mindfulness in the Family

  • Beautiful Mess Making (without Losing our Cool)

  • Planning Daily Routines

  • Boosting Read Alouds

FREE! Want to discuss one-on-one after? Schedule a 30min call for $20.

The Bloom Classroom:

Supplemental Resources for Families

By client request, I've started a Google Classroom as a supplment to virtual learning or home education. Join us for...

  • Weekly play/project based challenges

  • Weekly time to share what you're learning

  • Bi-weekly yoga classes

  • Bi-weekly learner-direct club meetings

$300 (currently on sale for $200!)/semester with FREE access for Enriched Days and Wonder-Filled Families clients

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