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A Month in Moments May '22

Hi all!

I'm starting a new adventure soon - teaching middle grades science and math! So, this is very likely my last Month in Moments Calendar! Don't be too sad though because here's the link to FIVE YEARS of calendars! If you search in this folder for things like "Star Wars", "water play", "garden", etc you should hopefully find something handy for your family!

Additionally, I'll likely share some kind of family project each month, just less fleshed out... unless I find that my family needs specific grab and go activities each day in which case, maybe I'll make some more of these :). We'll see! It's fun/ny to go through these and see how they've grown and changed with me and HG and the families (and schools!) I've been honored to help out via these invitations to learn and play!

SO, here's what you'll find this month:

1) An invitation to create a self-portrait using my favorite method where you cut out a printed picture of your kiddo, cut it in half, draw the other half, and mount it on a background. We'll be doing this at teeny school and I'm excited! HG and I made these last year too - it'll be fun to see how they change!

2) Then, we'll play around with simple machines and creating simple Rube Goldberg machines online and for real :). We keep ours simple - a pull back car that crashes into dominoes that knocks over a cup with a dog treat for our pup, Freda. We'll introduce all this by seeing what the fastest way to get across a play ground is - is it faster to use steps or ramps? Slides or ladders?

3) Now that we've got our inventor caps on, we'll build mini houses or treehouses and add pulleys, ladders, people, and accessories to them!

4) Finally, plan a family adventure - whether it's a camp out or movie night, plan how to get ready together!

I hope you enjoy this month of play and maybe have fun sifting through those old calendars!


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