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Month in Moments - January '21 Edition

Welp. It's been a year.

Time for me to work has been rare recently, so I'm going to keep this brief so I can go to bed :). I am super excited to share this month's calendar with you! It's all about Amazing Animal Adaptations! In setting this calendar up, I went down my usual rabbit holes and learned a whole lot about adaptation, legends and myths about animals, and some interesting newer opinions on how humans have changed the environment (as I said... I go down many rabbit holes).

Adaptation is a complex process of change over generations. Recognizing an adaptation gets tough - sometimes helpful traits of an animal are helpful for a task (feathers for flying), but that trait developed for a different reason (like insulation) - so then it's actually not called an adaptation... and then my head starts to hurt about cause and effect. You can read way more/too much about this by exploring the additional resources links in the Month in Moments Calendar OR by heading over to my Patreon and snagging this month's project guide FOR FREE (this month only :). The project guide takes the Month in Moments and runs with it. I also incorporate reading, math, social sciences, and more in the monthly project.

Why adaptations? They're fascinating and it's pretty cool to see some nifty ones in the winter (changes like bushy tails, behaviors like migration and hibernation, and more). I also wanted to continue with the use of myths, legends, and stories from around the world and I think it is fascinating to juxtapose the science behind a trait with the legend used to explain a trait.

Grab your Month in Moments Calendar for January '21!
A Month in Moments - January '21
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What you'll find! We'll explore how animals get what they need in our neighborhoods, explore what adaptation is, model how adaptations occur over time, experiment with how animals stay cozy all winter long, play with different bird beaks, find out how animals stay cool where it's scalding, and create our own critters with special adaptations to live in our own houses (a silly design task :). I can't wait to see what your family creates! Grab the calendar, head over to Patreon for even more, and watch wonder bloom this year!

Remember to tag @watchwonderbloom in pics so I can see what you all create!

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