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Coaching to Make Working+Learning from Home Better than Survivable

I'm Mallory Foster, MEd, RYT-200, BCC - your future family life coach!

As we head into a totally different kind of school year, now, more than ever, our village is key. Whether you are working from home and have kids who will be playing alongside you, or you're facing extended time without face-to-face programs to mix up your days and be in community; whether you have school-agers and have chosen to home school or virtual school or have kiddos headed back to school or, like a lot of of us, some befuddling mix of all of the above, I encourage you to get creative about who is in your village to support you. Just today, I found out my cousin was able to work with a family friend who was laid off due to COVID to help her family so my cousin can work from home and go into schools some days, her partner can be on calls all day, and her kiddo can get the attention and valuable play and learning time he needs. Who can you lean on in your village? Who can lean on you? If you are struggling to answer these questions, if you are in a place where it is unsafe to lean on your village face-to-face, or if you are looking for ways to fine-tune how your village is working, I would LOVE to work with you as a family life coach! Here are a few things I've worked on with families so far:

  • Creating schedules: This one is always kind of ironic to me because I'm perpetually late, but I am all about routines and daily musts and I LOVE the puzzle of making sure that everyone gets what they need and at least a little of what simply brings them joy and calm during the week. I've helped multiple families create a schedule that is broken down by time and family member to show that we need time together and apart throughout the day. It is possible to work, exercise, rest, play, get outside, cook, etc in the course of a day when we work together creatively.

  • Planning for meaningful play and learning: Right now, I know there's a need for knowing that our kids are okay, that we are doing enough to support them academically, emotionally, etc. When families work with me, I first emphasize that our kiddos will be okay if they have an adult who is able to be present and loving with them (and if we continue making the best choices we can to keep our family healthy and safe in our unique situations). Then, we get down to the business of planning for play and learning in simple and doable ways. Whether it's suggesting new materials and how to use them or helping design a learning project that can hook kiddos throughout the school year when you are busy and want them to have something productive to do, I'm here to help! I love this component of the coaching programs I offer because it lets me use my educator brain :). Additionally, I'll be leading a mixed-age virtual play/problem based learning classroom, The Bloom Classroom!

  • Boosting mindfulness and calm: We all need self and community care right now! I use my background as a yoga teacher to share mindfulness practices with families that help us notice moments of joy, to embrace calm, to work through big feelings, and more.

If thinking about the upcoming school and work year is overwhelming to you, please reach out today! I would love to work with your family! (Have more questions about what family life coaching is? Take a read here!) Here's how my coaching cycle works:

  • Chat with me. Message me over on IG (@watchwonderbloom) or go ahead and schedule a Greetings and Goals call! We'll chat about where your family is and where you want to be. This will give us a good sense of what it would be like to work together and it will let me know if I should refer you to another awesome coach or provider!

  • Take a look at your options. If we think we'll be a good fit, I'll write you up an outline of a personalized coaching plan just for you and your family! This might include a blend of one-on-one calls, family chats, yoga classes, unit plans to boost learning, etc.

  • Join me for coaching. Choose the best fit coaching program for you - Basics (2 sessions), Enriched Days (6 sessions), Wonder-Filled Families (12 sessions) - and we'll go ahead and get started! We'll meet three weeks out of the month to determine and meet goals. Throughout the week, I'll provide you with resources and text support. As you meet goals, we may adjust your coaching plan as needed. Longer programs include enrollment in The Bloom Classroom!

  • Celebrate your successes! At the end of your coaching program, we'll celebrate your successes and growth. You can choose to extend your program or leave knowing I am here if you need a "tune-up" later!

Ready to build a better year? Reach out today! Schedule that Greetings and Goals call, shoot me an email (, or message me over on IG (@watchwonderbloom)!

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