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Join Me on Patreon!

Hey y'all! I am so excited to share that I am creating a community for families over on Patreon. I think for all of us, 2020 was a rough ride. As I continue to find ways to empower families to create mindful and meaningful moments together, I am excited to use Patreon as a flexible platform that enables me to share in-depth educational resources, mindfulness ideas, and more for families. Families can also opt-in to monthly coaching calls. To me, this is where the magic happens - where we identify family goals and work towards them, where we take resources you've found or that I've created and tailor them for your family, where we troubleshoot struggles, and so much more. I will still be posting content on here (which I've always been pretty slow at... there's more, more often on Patreon), but soon the "shop" will redirect to Patreon. Here's why:

  • Patreon allows families to change their membership investment level when they need to. As our economy, school, daycare, and work changes each day, I wanted something flexible and accessible.

  • It takes a village to grow as parents and caregivers as we pour into the kiddos in our lives. I love that Patreon will offer more families access to resources and coaching.

  • I can track what benefits every family gets, AND, I am so excited to offer a Welcome Call (a mini get to know you and coaching call) to each community member. This helps me get to know your family so that I can tailor the resources I create to our community members.

Some of the things I'm MOST excited about offering on Patreon are monthly play and project based learning guides and coaching calls! I also create and share resources based on needs families bring up - so far we've talked screen time, quick tips for mindful parenting, and hermit crab art :).

Creating high quality educational content is one of my passions, helping families use these resources with their families is another. Find access to both over on Patreon (linked right HERE!).

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