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Camp Floral and Fawna is HERE!

On Sunday, Floral and Fawna Camp Friends will drop (here) and they can't wait to join you for camp! Right now you can head to my shop (here) and download the Camp Floral and Fawna Guide. In this guide, you'll find letters to adults and campers, daily schedules, a Remind code so you can get in touch with me (your virtual camp counselor!) if needed, activity guides/directions for each day, a materials list, book suggestions, and printables (stationary, trading cards, and more!). All you need to add are a few Floral and Fawna camp friends (or other small world toys), a few art and play supplies from home (or your recycle bin :), and some zest and you'll be on your way to a week of play! This camp is designed for mixed-ages, specifically aged 2-8 years old. Feel free to email me ( if you want to see if the activities might engage your older or younger kiddo!

Take a look at the Camp Floral and Fawna Sneak Peek HERE for FAQs, "Staff" bios, daily schedules, and more, then head to the shop and download the full guide!

As educators, Nia and I strive to empower all families to share meaningful, joyful moments together** (see footnote if you need to access this camp at a reduced rate). We've woven learning into your camp days as well as opportunities to connect with loved ones. We also know this time has been hard to navigate - many of us have to balance work and childcare in new ways with less support. You'll see that the flow of a camp day is designed to offer adults chances to step into and out of high engagement in kiddo play - this is so that you have time to sneak in checking emails and a chance to drink coffee. We also sought to create activities that could engage kiddos while you step away for a meeting, etc. Because this camp is designed for mixed-ages, each family's camp experience will look a little different - my toddler might have a cardboard dollhouse with paint splatters on it and your school-ager might create a dollhouse with patterned walls and beautiful designs. We can't wait to see every iteration camp takes in your families! Keep reading for glance at what a day of camp will look like:

  • Start your day bolstering Connections: Write letters to loved ones, try your hand at making friendship bracelets, and more. Camp Floral and Fawna invites you to bring summer adventures home while still finding ways to share memories and moments with loved ones we can't see. This Connections time is also designed to let adults check their planners and drink their coffee before a day of play! Kiddos will boost emergent literacy skills, practice writing in fun ways, and get a fine-motor workout!

  • Dive into Small World Play: Grab your "camp friends" and play! Each day will have a different idea (invitation) for play. We'll start by making up characters for our camp friends - a fun way to boost story-telling skills and a way to build empathy. Other days, kiddos will make miniature food, build a dollhouse, and more! As kiddos play with small toys and create things for them, they are exploring spatial relationships and scale - sneaking in some real world math work!

  • Get outside to Walk, Gather, and Play. Think back to your favorite summer memories. Two of mine are watermelon seed spitting competitions and hiking with family. For most of us, while it is safer to avoid crowds, it is still very healthy to get outside. These daily walks will help kiddos expend energy and look at the areas right around your house in new ways. Once kiddos launch into play, you might find you have time to read, journal, or listen to a podcast - so you'll see tips on filling an adult "Go Bag" just for you in the download!

  • Cool off with a Snack and Break: You might use this time to set up the next activity and then chill as kiddos play on their own and enjoy a snack.

  • Dig deeper with a Theme Activity: Kiddos will be invited to take play from earlier in the day and extend it. They might use what they collected to build shelters, make story-telling tools, create snacks for camp friends, and more. Each day has a different focus (you'll have a chance to tell us what drew your kiddo in so we can plan future camp weeks!) with different learning skills woven in. Kiddos will explore story elements as they make story stones, develop math skills as they scoop and measure, build geography skills as they map where their small world friends are from, and so much more!

  • Wiggle it out and wind down with Movement and Stories: As a family yoga teacher and educator, I know early learning happens best when we embody it - when we act out and experience what we're learning, feeling, and playing with in different ways. This time invites kiddos to take what they did earlier in the day and compress it into a story that they can then act out and share - a super cool way to communicate what they did with loved ones who are at work or far away! Andddd, this will lead perfectly into lunch and quiet time :).

  • And... there's more! You'll also have access to "Extended Day" ideas, tips for celebrating a week of camp, and book suggestions. Follow along on Instagram next week at @watchwonderbloom and join the Floral and Fawna VIP Group on Facebok (here) for ongoing camp inspiration!

So, without further ado, head over to the shop (here) and WELCOME TO CAMP FLORAL AND FAWNA! We are so grateful you are here! Remember to share your adventures with us tagging @floralandfawna and @watchwonderbloom and using #watchwonderbloom.


**If your household needs to access camp at a reduced rate, use the code NeedIt at checkout for $20 off (bringing the cost of camp to $15). Please only use this if you need it. If your family would like to purchase a second camp at a reduced rate to provide camp for free for another family, use the code ShareIt for $20 off your total purchase. If you have a specific friend or family member who you would like to receive the fee camp, please add their email in the "Add a Note" section when you check out otherwise I'll post on social media letting people know how many free camps I have available :). As a former public educator and family life coach, my aim is to serve ALL families.

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