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A Month in Moments - July Edition

It's back! Take a look at the July Month in Moments calendar, supply list, activity descriptions, and book suggestions here. Topics for this month include:

How do I use the Month in Moments?

Read the doc, print it if you like (or make a copy by going to "File" > "Make a copy", highlight the activities you and your family members want to try, and enjoy your time together! The July activities are perfect filler activities if your kiddos are home from camp, if you're enjoying a staycation, or if you are babysitting.

How much time will these take?

That all depends! If all you have is 10 minutes, you can do a short version of most of these. If you have time, kids are miraculous at letting an activity fill the time you give them. They need some more guiding questions or additional supplies, but these are open-ended enough that they could spark hours of play!

What do I do if I want more ideas or want to share what I did?

Post pics on instagram or facebook using #wonderblooms! Check back to April's Month in Moments or the craft and science kids' section at your local library or bookstore. Comment with questions, suggestions, and ideas!!!

Enjoy each moment you have with your family this month! And, please share to keep inspiring us all! #wonderblooms

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