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Watch Wonder Bloom, LLC

empowering overwhelmed families to create mindful and meaningful moments together

let's play, learn, and #watchwonderbloom!

Whether you are a parent or caregiver looking for ways to make your days together with kiddos more calm, meaningful, and joyful or an educator faced with ongoing changes in teaching, Watch Wonder Bloom, LLC has resources for you! Sign up for family life coaching online, find out more about virtual family yoga classes, and get on my mailing list to stay up to date on all things play, learning, etc! Head over to the Blog tab to find FREE learning resources to use at home or in your (virtual) classroom. We are excited to #watchwonderbloom right alongside you as you work, play, and teach with the kiddos in your life!

How can I help you watch wonder bloom?

Family Life Coaching

I work with families to realize and work towards goals to create meaningful moments together! Coaching packages are personalized to fit your family's needs and start at $350.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Join me virtually or in person in Fort Lee, VA for family story time yoga classes, power flow classes for adults, webinars on mindfulness or request a workshop, party, or private class. Read more for pricing.

Educational Resources

Head to the blog to find calendars with daily activity ideas, tips for boosting literacy, guides for planning projects and more! These are free. For the 2020-2021 school year, I will be facilitating a mixed-age, play and problem-based virtual classroom for $300/semester! Check out The Bloom Classroom! 

Take a Moment to Watch Wonder Bloom This Month

Find the current #monthinmoment calendar here! Find simple ideas for play and learning that take the overwhelm out of creating mindful and meaningful moments together!

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